We reject all forms of violence, boundary violations and discrimination, such as ableism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, queerophobia, racism, sexism and similar acts.

From the rules of living together

Communal urban living

We treat each other with respect and want to work together to create a place that is as free of discrimination as possible. That is why we have set ourselves rules for living together that are binding for all residents. Our awareness team conducts regular training sessions and workshops to sensitize all residents to discrimination.

In addition to treating each other with respect and avoiding discrimination, the democratic participation of all residents is important to us. In the two general assemblies that we hold every semester, we decide on finances, elect the student representatives, the treasurer's office and the awareness team. All matters concerning the semester are voted on here.
Last but not least, the so-called “offices” are also assigned here. All Konviktuals hold at least one office, i.e. a task in the house. These include the post and yard offices, various responsibilities for the common rooms, the food sharing office, the pub office and, among many others, the Seniorat, our student representatives.
We meet twice a semester to tidy up and clean together. At the “foam party” we clean the kitchens and bathrooms and at the “Konviktsrummel” we tidy up the communal areas. Participation in one of the community activities is compulsory. Sometimes it is even fun!


The special thing about Konvikt life is the community. 106 students live in 15 communal kitchens and share the associated bathrooms. The house includes spacious common rooms such as the Great Hall, the pub, the attic in the Sophienstift, the band cellar and the library. One of the things that makes Konvikt life special is the open evenings and parties, homework, and both planned and spontaneous house activites. Everyone can and should contribute their skills to the community. New residents from Germany and all over the world feel at home here.

The Konvikt semester begins and ends with a party. This is where the new residents are welcomed and those moving out are bid farewell. Pub nights are held regularly in the in-house pub. The pub can also be used for birthday parties and other celebrations.

You can practice an instrument or make music with others in the band cellar or the Great Hall. And the attic in the Sophienstift is perfect for movie and game nights or for chilling out.


An important contribution to Konvikt life is made by the so-called Hausübungen. During these “exercises”, interested people meet regularly to discuss religious or cultural topics, play sport or music, get to know other countries or improve their foreign language skills. The "Hausübungen" are based on personal initiative and are offered and carried out independently by the students.

Our library is open around the clock every day. Here you will find a quiet working atmosphere as well as many theological and philosophical books including foundational literature helpful for those taking theology exams. The collection is supplemented by literature selected by the awareness team. This deals primarily with various forms of discrimination.


We are a religiously and ideologically diverse house. Students of different religions and denominations live in the kitchens or exchange ideas in home exercises. Konviktuals organise regular prayer meetings. All residents are invited to take advantage of the spiritual offerings of the Himmlische Höfe, such as the Taizé services, meditations or the electric sunday. You are also very welcome to share your traditions and festivals with other residents or invite them to join you.

Once a year, we go to Brandenburg for a weekend break. We also regularly travel together to the German Protestant Church Congress.

Our Ephorus Volker Jastrzembski is a pastor and counselor. He will be happy to accompany you, advise you in difficult situations and offer discussions about “God and the world”. In the so-called “walk talks” you can discuss projects or problems with him on a walk.